Course Development

We are not your typical E-Learning company; we are an extension of you.multimedia3LG
We drench ourselves in your organization in order to gain a profound comprehension of your

process, teams, and objectives to create learning solutions that works.

We utilize a flexible, shared knowledge procedure to get your group included to convey the most ideal arrangement.

Your team needs to have an in-depth understanding of certain learning abilities, and practices to succeed. Generic eLearning won’t help them measure up. With obscure illustrations and bland clarifications, learners battle to apply ideas to their everyday schedules. At the point when your way of life isn’t mirrored, your colleagues feel less contributed and block out.


Self-guided Training

Self-managed training can be utilized to broaden knowledge to unlimited groups.

As far as return for capital invested, there is no preferable approach to exchange information over expertly created, self-managed training.

We create courses utilizing industry standard tools that are popular for agile development. Use of situations, exercises, information checks, sound and video, make our training successful and retentive. Our trainings are outwardly engaging, intuitive and cover everything learners’ needs.

Mobile ready course development makes e-learning available anytime and anyplace. Our ADA 508 experts make sure courses are guaranteed compliant and reliable learning for all people.


Situations and Learning Recreations

Learning that is viable and effected is most retentive in scenarios that imitate real life

Gamification learning challenges learner’s competitively and persuades them to challenge themselves.

Our instructional architects concentrate on the material to be learned altogether and prescribe situations and diversions to incorporate into the trainings.


Mobile Ready Learning

Mobile ready learning gives you anytime anywhere learning on any device you choose. Portable learning can be utilized to differentiate the sorts of learning exercises learners share in.

Our instructional designers will give you the right methodology for your mobile learning requirements. Whether it’s through local applications, program prepared, or through private circulations, we’ll ensure your last portable learning arrangement works precisely how and where you require it, when you require it.


Social Learning

Dealing with your social learning training will be clearly defined and viable as DT2GO help you every step of the way.

Understanding and estimating the social incorporation of any given activity is something we are always prepared for, whether we’re coordinating the platform stages or preparing for significance training over an extended period of time.