Eating Disorder Clinics

Eating disorders

Concerns may arise over using a public forum like social media to discuss or market something as personal as an eating disorder clinic. Your target audience most likely values privacy, but may also choose to share subjects you may not predict or know how to handle properly. Someone may reveal they think about suicide. An immediate and effective crisis plan needs to answer posts like this properly. For smaller hospitals, clinics, and organizations, the high volume of social media posts may seem like more than you can handle with your current budget and number of employees. All that being said, the power of social media use outweighs any potential difficulties.

One of the first questions that arises when considering social media marketing is about which platforms to use to best reach your target audience. Facebook and Twitter are the major players, with more than 1.7 billion combined users who post or read regularly.

Facebook provides a convenient internet venue for everything from friendly socialization to professional recruitment, community involvement, news and entertainment, and even video and audio content options. Current headlines, news stories, event announcements and commentary in short form are better suited for Twitter. The internet also offers many other social media sites like YouTube for videos, Instagram for graphics and photos, and more.

Healthcare providers should consider the following points:

  • Always maintain confidential records and complete privacy for your patients. HIPAA rules must be followed exactly. Never post personal information in a public manner.
  • Create and enforce a strict social media policy among employees. Social media tends to feel more personal and friendly than other marketing efforts, but professionalism must be maintained, especially when it comes to healthcare and patient information.
  • Keep things lighthearted and enjoyable. While the topics relating to addiction or eating disorders are quite serious, a friendlier approach on social media builds a comfortable trust more quickly. DT2GO can help you develop an effective social media plan.

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