Reputation Management Services

Behavioral Health Care Agency Reputation Management Services |Eating Disorder Agency Reputation Management Services

Online searches have become the first step after someone discovers a new company or agency. For groups in the behavioral healthcare, eating disorder, and substance abuse industries, the results that show up in Google or another major search engine determines if a person will contact you for help. Whether their impression is positive or negative has to do reputation management, an essential part of establishing yourself as a place to call. After all, negative reputation would be worse than none at all.

Ad reviews, less-than-enthusiastic comments, and pointed questions about any aspect of your agency show up to everyone from a potential applicant someone who needs help with mental illness or addiction. In order to reach the right people and get a positive response, you need a team like us to manage your reputation.

DT2GO focuses on both building and repairing reputation for our clients by building up search engine optimized content that will show your business in a positive light on the top results pages and by helping you handle the client review process more positively.