Social Media Marketing

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 Behavioral healthcare, substance abuse, and eating disorder agencies have so many things to concern themselves with from insurance paperwork to the day-to-day care of clients. This may leave you with little time or energy to even consider updating social media pages or engaging in this very popular marketing technique. Perhaps an office assistant has been doing this job, but he or she probably does not understand the most effective nuances of social media promotion like we do.

Our experienced social media marketing team stays on top of the latest best practices for marketing responsibly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and other appropriate social media websites. The percentage of people who access the Internet from mobile devices and use social media pages every day has skyrocketed in recent years. The noise is nearly deafening, but the right post at the right time can rise above the din and attract the type of attention your agency needs to reach the clients in need.

Consider the following techniques our social media marketing experts use:

1 – First, we seek to understand your goals and your unique message to the world. Our intention is not to take over your voice, but to keep it a boost that triggers greater results.

2 – Every target audience has the preferred social media platform based on age and other demographics. We work with you to determine where our marketing efforts will be received best.

3 – We collect and analyze all results that stem from our social media management efforts using efficient tools. All of this information and progress reports will be delivered to you at regular meetings.

4 – Our knowledgeable teams know how to identify influencers, popular and trusted personalities in the behavioral healthcare, eating disorder and substance abuse industries and target them with social media campaigns. Our goal is to help you build trusted relationships in order to attract more positive results.

Since the beginning of industry and sales, word-of-mouth advertising has been the most effective form of marketing there is. In this modern world, social media is the equivalent. We at DT2GO understand how to maximize its effectiveness and bring you the greatest return on your marketing investment possible.