Substance Abuse Clinics

Substance abuse

In the drug rehab and substance abuse industry, having a good idea or an honest desire to help others is not enough to succeed at your goals. Many aspects of the business need to integrate flawlessly for this to occur. Some of the factors include clinical work, insurance handling, sale and referrals, government regulations and legal matters, property procurement and rental, admissions management, telephone and other contacts, accounts receivable, and handling every patient from the most compliant to the least.

The drug rehab industry is constantly called upon to answer difficult questions. The CDC records show that three times as many people die today from drug-related causes than in 1990. The war on drugs is failing in this country. The link included here from the CNN article shows clearly that our current methods of dealing with drug rehab and other substance abuse issues do little to make an impact on overall statistics.

With the right approach, however, individuals can still get the help they need to make their lives better. Competent clinics and treatment programs need to find the best way to bring their benefits to the greatest number of people suffering from addiction.


Two facts about generating leads through addiction treatment marketing exist:

1 – Generating leads is an ongoing process necessary for business longevity.

2 – All efforts focused on generating leads need to be tracked and analyzed.

Some investment is necessary to generate and convert leads. How much that investment is depends on your business budget, how quickly you want leads, and how many your clinic can handle in a given time period. DT2GO can help you create a reasonable marketing budget over the phone. Our experience has shown us that lead generation from individual representatives and websites works best.